Whole 30: Week Three Recap

12 days left!!! I have definitely reused a few of my favorite recipes from the first week throughout the past week. My energy level is still super high and my stomach feels SO great!

The adventures of grocery shopping have been enlightening, as I’ve realized that pretty much everything I use to buy I no longer can, so thank goodness for Woodmans and Whole Foods. I have found some real gems there! My favorite is actually something Marc bought me! It’s a Medium Buffalo sauces that is Whole30 approved called Nobel Made by New Primal.  It’s SO good! I’ve had it on eggs, potatoes, and chicken! I googled this company and realized that they have a few different kinds- mild, medium, hot, and a mustard garlic (I believe) sauce. I am excited to try these! I’ve included a picture of the medium buffalo sauce bottle!

Another favorite new recipe this week was the homemade pesto chicken breast with yellow roasted potatoes and a side of tomatoes. It was actually really really good!  The pesto was olive oil, almonds, basil, lemon juice, and garlic. I’ve included the recipe for y’all! Super easy and really tasty! I threw some pine nuts on top to really give it the “traditional” pesto taste!

I’ve had a lot of burgers without buns and cheese and salads with chicken and an oil and vinegar dressing this past week, especially when we go out to dinner. It takes the guessing game out of the mix. At every place, I’ve asked if they have a gluten free or dairy free menu and surprisingly several places do! So I would recommend if you are doing the Whole 30 or just trying to keep a gluten free / dairy free lifestyle that you ask!

I think the biggest take away this past week was maintaining this program during the holidays.  Marc and I celebrated Easter with my family Saturday and his on Sunday. I was really nervous about how this would go but I managed to navigate through both days! Luckily I was able to eat protein both days, with sweet potatoes, fruit, and veggies. I made prosciutto wrapped asparagus for my family’s Easter and everyone really liked it! They were surprised when I told them it was Whole 30 approved!  I accidently had cheese on Sunday, and boy oh boy, did I feel it! I couldn’t believe how something I use to love so so SO much made me feel so poorly Sunday night. I really don’t think I will ever return to dairy or gluten again, but rather do dairy alternative and gluten free items.

My go to breakfast is still chia pudding with fruit.  I have been adding almond butter in it some days, too! My favorite snack is still apples with almond butter or cashews. I feel like I’ve lost some weight, but it could also just be that I’m not feeling as puffy as I had. I will keep you all posted since you can only weight yourself the 1st and last day!

I’ve included a few pictures this week of some of the foods I’ve made or recipes I’ve tried. I’m sorry!  I wasn’t the best at the pictures this week! I’ll try to take more for next week!

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